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Recent Projects

The pieces designed by architects Greene and Greene are some of my favorites. This one is a reproduction of the Gamble House dining room lamp designed in 1910. The original used Tiffany stained glass but that was out of my budget. Instead, I used pieces of a handmade silk scarf that featured actual impressions of sumac, eaucalyptus, and Japanese maple leaves (from Metal 'n Thread). The wood is oiled sapele, a type of mahogany.

Click on an image to see a larger version. The larger versions are not the most crisp due to the method of photographic capture. Two photos are taken, one with the light on and one with the light off so that both the wood and the silk windows can be exposed properly. Photoshop puts both images together into a high dynamic range image that tries to show all the detail.

G&G lamp, side view


View showing the ceiling plate


End view

Lamp in room


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